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I want to sell my apartment in St. Vlas

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I want to sell my apartment in St. Vlas

I want to sell my apartment in St. Vlas. Saint Vlas! What is the first association you get when you hear about St. Vlas? Luxury properties, yachts, amazing restaurants and good time! Yes, St. Vlas is top seaside destination in Bulgaria and there are many people all over Europe and outside Europe who are happy to invest there. The combination between the sea and mountains in St. Vlas, makes it unique place. The landscape is magnificent. Almost all the properties there have got a sea and mountain view at the same time.  It’s well known that there is a place there where the air helps to people with respiratory problems. It’s at the very begging of the town where is currently located a 5 star luxury development Hotel Riu Helios Paradise. If you love walking and exploring you can take a good walk up to the hills of St. Vlas where you can experience incredible views and history and culture monuments on your way to the top. So whatever you do, don’t miss this place! It’s unique on its way! If you have a property for sale in Sunny Beach, see more here! Visit our Facebook Fan Page here!

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