Bulgaria Information

Bulgaria Information

Bulgarian Property Market

Bulgaria is a country with rich and history, it is located in the South-East Europe. The country holds more than 20% of the Balkan Peninsula and is a European Union which Bulgaria is character as a promising country with a high economic potential. Since Bulgaria is full member of the European Union, it’s citizens have right that are available to all EU citizens:

  • The right to work in any country of the European Union;
    The possibility of dual citizenship;
    Choice to live in any country outside the European Union;

The opportunity to attend the European countries without a visa. This applies to both the EU Member States and outside it.

Bulgarian property market

If officially there is no possibility of obtaining citizenship, you can resort to cunning and use minor flaws in the constitution and laws of the country that would become a lawful citizen. A striking example of such flaws is an article in the Constitution of Bulgaria, which states that any person descended from a citizen of Bulgaria or if it originated from a Bulgarian citizen proved in court, it is considered a full citizen of Bulgaria.

That is, if you got the housing in Bulgaria and during the holidays or during your visits to the country you will like it, that’s not very difficult to obtain citizenship of this country and move the whole family to relocate. Agree an excellent prospect to move into a modern European country that is more and on the beach.

The main advantage of Bulgaria is the low cost of living. According to experts the prices in Bulgaria in three and sometimes five times lower than in Europe. The low prices, as well as the law allows residents of other countries to acquire land and property without too much difficulty, make Bulgaria a very promising option, if not to live, then to rest so precisely.

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