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Collins Estates offers a comprehensive legal advice and services on all legal aspects of acquisition and re-sale of a property in Bulgaria.

The experienced team of Collins Solicitors ( are here to provide a full package of services related to the purchase –sale process such as:

  • investigation of the legal history, ownership documents and the urban status of the property according to the up to date real estate cadastre
  • drafting preliminary agreements and final Title Deed, Power of attorneys and the supporting affidavits and declarations
  • advising on Tax implications by re-sale of a property
  • setting up a Bulgarian company for purchase of a real estate
  • closing of existing company after sale of a real estate purchased in its name

You can find more information about the legal aspects of the purchase – sale process at:


Lawyer in Sunny Beach

If you need a lawyer in Sunny Beach who will provide you with all the needed legal advices and consultation, in case you would like to buy a property at the Black sea coast, we, Collins Estate are able to give you our assistance. Beside the fact that our real estate company offers high level seaside properties, we can provide complete legal service regarding the transaction. Here are some of the main legal services that we offer in the area of property legislation.

Investigation and legal references

We can assist and provide you with comprehensive legal services at every stage of the property purchase.

First of all, it is necessary to make legal inquiries about the ownership of the property. In this regard, we offer an investigation of the property history. The review of the available documents is required to determine the status of the specific property.

Drafting of the preliminary agreement

The next stage of transaction is the signing of a wtitten preliminary agreement. This stage is important because the preliminary agreement contains stipulations on the conditions and consequences of their non-compliance. In addition, the preliminary agreement notes the deadline for signing the Title Deed. Therefore it is highly recommended to pay attention onto every detail in its drafting. Due to our experience in this area, we may prepare this document according the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation.

The final transaction and the Title Deed

According to the Bulgarian legislation the act for transfer of the real estate ownership is done through a Title Deed. The transfer of possession of the property is the final stage of a transaction. Usually, the possession is transferred in the day of the Title Deed signing, but there is possibility for parties to consider and agree other conditions. It is important to note that the ownership passes to the new owner by signing the Title Deed.

Legal consultation once the deal was finalized

You can also count on our consultations once the deal is concluded. We will provide you with all the needed information about the main legal obligations of the new owner. In addition, in case you bought a property in a residence complex, an annual maintenance fee is due. Then we are ready to assist in drafting the maintenance contract that is required for the property management.

Solicitor in Bulgaria

Furthermore we offer legal consultations and assistance in the procedures for settling your long-term residence in Bulgaria. This may include issuing both a visa and/or a document for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship. You also may trust us about legal services related to the company registration in Bulgaria as well as consultation regarding the application of the commercial law.


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